any of various thoughts, whose branching upper parts become detached from the brain and are driven about by the wind.


Wolverhampton last weekend. London and Brighton this weekend… and 24hrs in the library this week. I don’t live at home anymore! xD

I have no problem with admitting that at the age of 21 I feel too old for clubbing. Which is why I still haven’t properly gone out in months

Update : my friend had the brain fluid drained yday and is feeling much better. Should be home today. :-)

Spending 5 hours in a hospital is pretty bloody knackering to say the least. Would rather have not left but ‘visiting hours’ = fuckery.

After two nights of only getting 4hrs sleep I finally got a decent amount last night. I wouldn’t actually function today if I hadn’t!

Was at frisbee training and got a message saying housemate was in hospital. Fluid around her brain. :/ Staying with her as long as I can.

On my way home from FINALLY seeing the Lakers play live at the O2. They lost. Shouldn’t have. I got lost in London. Was bound to happen. xD

Am desperately hoping for a less stressful week this week. I just need some REST! Sleeping awfully at the mo - not much fun.

Freshers week? I think you mean Stress-the-Fuck-Out week. Went to the coast on Friday though which ALWAYS makes me happy.

Dear geotag. I am not in Suffolk. Sort it out!